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Achieve a higher level of cleanliness with accurate drawings

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the need to stem the risk of infection has highlighted the importance of deeper, more thorough cleaning of workplace facilities to both reassure and safeguard the health of patients and staff.

A recent white paper produced by Microshare explores this issue in further detail. It also backs up the theory that having accurate drawings is vital to ensure this can happen.

How Sircle can help

Knowing your building layout and GIA is one of the most critical measures for creating an accurate custodial cleaning plan along. Incorrect information will lead to inefficiencies and a false sense of how much cleaning is achievable within a specific amount of time. This is where Sircle can help you and add real value.

Sircle’s in-house and experienced Survey and CAD teams will work with you to produce accurate drawings and capture key usage data for each room. It’s having this up-to-date information about floor covering, room function and fixtures that will allow you to work out which zones are likely to require special attention and therefore need to be prioritised as well as allow for benchmarking of cleaners to ensure they are working efficiently across your sites.

Where possible, to help reduce costs, we will identify existing drawings and update rather than drawing from scratch.

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