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What is a Drawing Register?

Drawings are fundamental to any construction project. However, once you start factoring in that each detail or specification of a structure often requires multiple drawings, it doesn’t take long before the management of them can get out of hand.

A drawing register is a controlled list of drawings that also provides a standardised way of tracking the addition of revisions and changes to an existing document. The list usually includes information such as drawing number, title, revision, author and date.

Why choose Sircle?

It is never easy to track documents on paper, and Sircle’s advanced drawing registers include all the features you’d expect of a simple and intermediate drawing register system, as well as a suite of functionality and time-saving measures.

An example of this is the ability to distribute your drawing directly from within the drawing register system itself on a transmittal or similar. This method ensures there is little chance of a user sending the wrong drawing to a supplier, customer or consultant—a record of what was sent to who and when is also kept.

Benefits of a Drawing Register include:

  • Easier and quicker to file and retrieve drawings
  • Reduced storage space, as all the drawings are stored in the same place and not duplicated
  • Controlled access to drawings can be made possible
  • Distribute drawings from the drawing register – Print or Email with a single click
  • Collaborate the drawings from the drawing register across all the projects
  • An administrator has access to information about the registered users and their activity on a particular date and time
  • Drawings can be scanned and included in the drawing register, which is useful when working with a large number of drawings

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“We used Sircle to survey our properties and create accurate fire drawings as well as bespoke evacuation plans, from the planning and building of the scope right through to the professionalism of their survey team was a credit to them. The resulting drawings have allowed us to better manage the risk and we continue to use Sircle to ensure the accuracy of the drawings are maintained.”

Arts University Bournemouth